This app is no longer available because filed a complain with the Apple App Store to have the app removed.

The app was a non-profit project by a hobby developer to offer people an app free of charge to increase their safety in their free time activies.

In addition we received a letter from their lawyer that we should transfer our domain free of charge immedately to Blue Line Solutions Belgium NV which we refused. Interesting business practice.


Cette application n'est plus disponible parce que a déposé une plainte auprès de l'App Store d'Apple pour que l'application soit supprimée.

L'application était un projet à but non lucratif par un développeur de loisir pour offrir aux gens une application gratuite pour augmenter la sécurité dans leurs activités de temps libre.

En outre, nous avons reçu une lettre de leur avocat que nous devrions transférer notre domaine gratuitement à Blue Line Solutions Belgium NV, ce qui nous a refusé. Pratique commerciale intéressante.


Never On Your Own.

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Secure Yourself Easily

When you do something risky, like climing up the roof to fix a tile, never do it on your own without letting others know.
With Safetify you are

Easy Setup

Create a new activity by entering what you are about to do and how long it will take you.


Pick a friend or family member to notify if you don't finish your activity in time.

Location Tracking

You location is tracked constantly so your friends can come and check for you.